Realm Seeker Studio


The Realm Seekers is a fun, action-packed, inspiring, graphic novel adventure series set in a steampunk version of Kenya. Illustrations are by the amazingly talented Cynthia Kerich. See below for more details.

LEVEL 1 : Monsters on a Train

Four teens with little in common meet up to work on a school assignment. When a courier delivers a cutting-edge, virtual reality game, they’re happy for any excuse to do something else. All they have to do is enter the Realm… and survive.

Once inside, they’re trapped in a world of adventure and intrigue. The graphics are astonishingly realistic, and so are the dangers. The four players must travel across an African savanna plagued by Steampunk monsters. The mission: solve a riddle and save the Realm before the monsters destroy everything.

But there’s more at stake than having fun, collecting treasure, defeating monsters, or taking selfies with the wildlife. Progress requires qualities far beyond gaming skills. Will the players discover the truth, or will they be lost forever inside the Realm?

Ready to join the adventure? Print and eBook options are widely available.  (Sadly, only Amazon does colored printing for the paperback and hardback books.)

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LEVEL 2 : Dragons in a Cave

Having successfully completed Level 1 of The Realm Seekers, Jasmine, Ava, Wes and Sawyer are excited to return to the VR game. Even if the game doesn’t let them log off until they finish the mission. And even if Level 2 involves fire-breathing dragons lurking inside a vast network of caves. The four friends survived the first level, so how much more difficult can the next one be?

How about … a lot more difficult … and dangerous … and did we mention fire-breathing dragons?

The game starts at the base of Mt. Kirinyaga where The Engineer describes their mission while they dodge fire, brimstone and a volley of lightning bolts. The dragons are causing havoc on the town of Upendi. 

Their mission: solve the riddle and save the town before the dragons set fire to everything.

 Get a glimpse of the behind the scenes process.