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Stories in various forms have the potential to inspire an audience, influence change, build brands, and connect people.

Realm Seeker Studio is a publisher and story studio that creates entertaining, empowering stories in diverse settings to engage readers of all ages. We become the stories we tell ourselves, so let's tell meaningful ones that bring joy and hope into the world.

The studio also assists clients to create engaging content that reflects their personal or corporate brand, celebrates the culture and personalities of their family or friend group, or commemorates an event.



I've been a storyteller and content creator since I could hold pen to paper, which is a lot longer than I care to admit. I live in Kenya with my family and other amusing animals. The monkeys in my backyard inspire me to create fun, upbeat, inspiring adventures with a supernatural twist.

I enjoy playing with quirky, witty characters who don’t quite fit the ‘normal’ template despite their best efforts. I'm perfectly comfortable exploring the brighter side of human nature.

Are you looking for a mind-refreshing dip into a charming, fanciful world? Then sit down with a cup of tea, and prepare to be reminded that life can be a delightful place. Find out all the ways you can contact me.


As a Visual Artist, my work is an outlet for how I view the world. It lets me explore myself and everything that comes with being a human.

I do not limit myself to one concept, style, or medium because ideas change and so does the source of inspiration what I see, hear, feel, touch, or taste. 

Each piece is its own, be it a painting, illustration, or weave design. It's up to the audience to interpret it as they wish.

You can find me on my website or playing around on Instagram @cj.kerich

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