Realm Seeker Studio


Welcome to the world of narrative magic where your content, gift, story or brand comes to life in fun, vibrant, comic book hues.

Get ready to turn the story of you, your company or organization, family or friend group, event or workshop, into an action-packed adventure. It also makes a unique present for the person who has it all.

One method which is sure to grab attention is comic book storytelling. On this page are three very different examples of this engaging format. The first is Episode 1 of Techi-Hub. It conveys in seven succinct pages the start-up’s inspiring story as well as key pieces of information that a potential investor needs to know. (But if the comic book style isn't yours, we'll find a story style that is.)

🚀 What I Do

I create tales that are more than just stories. They’re epic adventures. Picture this: your brand soaring through the digital skies, clad in a colourful cape of engaging content. I bring a comic book flair that’ll transform even the most mundane details into captivating, page-turning narratives.

💡 Why Comic Book Vibes?

I use the dynamic visuals of comic books to inject energy and excitement into your brand. Graphic story telling delivers a lot of info without leaving people overwhelmed or bored. It’s not just content; it’s a visual journey that grabs attention, sticks in the mind, and leaves a positive impact.

🎨 The Art of Storytelling

Every person or brand has a unique personality and a compelling tale waiting to be told. From snappy dialogues to vivid images, I bring your brand’s story to life in a way that’s not just seen but experienced.

Why Work With Me?

Let’s face it. Ordinary stories are like yesterday’s news. And annual reports? Great paperweights, but they don’t keep eyeballs on the page. Your brand deserves to be a superhero in its own comic book universe. I can make that happen.

With over forty published books and several more in the pipeline, I know how to develop engaging plots, create believable characters, and write binge-worthy stories. 

More than knowledge is passion. I love crafting tales — be they tall, short or somewhere in between. I’ve worked with corporations and non-governmental organizations, so I understand the ecosystems of both.

Everyone is the hero in their own story, and I’d love to make your story shine.

Ready to transform your content into an informative yet captivating adventure? Let’s team up and create a story that leaps off of the page.

Drop me a note on the contact form or by email ( to discuss your project and the style that works for you.


Vered Ehsani

PS: Enjoy an episode featuring orphaned elephant Miss Tsavo below, followed by a real-life agroecology intervention from the amazing Trees for the Future.